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Mar. 11th, 2006 | 11:11 pm
music: Nell - Thank You
posted by: kyo_dingz in sugar_attack

I want to bring life back into this community ^^~ So here are some photos a friend and me made today~! Hope you like them <3

+ a little gimmick: PIMP-Lolita *laughs* don't take me too serious ^^""

Actually the most of the items are pretty old:
The cape is from autumn 2004 (my grandmother knitted it <3<3)
The jumperskirt was made in 2004 aswell...
I bought the barret on 30th december 2004 in Kopenhagen...

Pictures taken by my good friend Hagen (http://hagenfritzhelmut.deviantart.com <-- he doesn't own a homepage so I'm posting this ^^"")
Edited by me~

Thank you for looking~ <3

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